Important dates

Deadline for Abstract Submission (closed!): Nov 30, 2018
Deadline for Registration to OPLS (closed!): Dec 17, 2018 (early bird); Jan 14, 2019 (final)
Open Science Workshops (OSM 2019): 6-7 Feb, 2019
Deadline for Registration to OSM 2019 (open!): Dec 31, 2018 (early bird); Jan 23, 2019 (late bird)

There is an ongoing methodological revolution in psychological science, calling for increased rigor and increased transparency: preregistration; sharing of data and materials; increased sample sizes and multi-lab collaborations; a priori power calculations to determine sample size; direct replications; Registered Reports; transparent reporting & retroactive disclosures. Even a new scientific sub-field has emerged in psychology, we may call it metascience and psychology, in which the focus is on investigating the quality of empirical research.

Metascientific research has shown us that questionable research practices, such as p-hacking and post hoc hypothesising, prevails in psychology (e.g. John et al, 2012), and that only a minority of our published findings can be successfully replicated (Open Science Collaboration, 2015). Learn more about open science and how it begun in psychological science around 2011.

This conference aims to increase awareness in the sub-field of Psychology and Law of this ongoing methodological revolution. We want to create a meeting place for researchers who are not yet familiar with the ongoing changes, as well as a meeting place for researchers who are already practicing the new and updated practices. This is a place to learn and discuss, a safe place to ask “stupid” questions and receive generous answers and feedback. This is a place to share bold ideas and start new collaborations. This is a place to make change happen.

Thus, we proudly welcome you to beautiful Bali, 4-5 February, 2019, for the 1st Psychology & Law Open Science Conference (OPLS 2019). The theme is Towards Transparency and Collaboration in Psychology & Law.

OPLS 2019 is immediately followed by the 2nd Open Science Meeting Bali (OSM 2019), a two days (6-7 February, 2019) multi-disciplinary meeting in reproducible science and open scientific practices. Participants are strongly encouraged to also attend OSM 2019. Those who register for both conferences will pay only 25% of the registration fee to OSM. Please note that you need to register and pay separately for each of conferences:

  • Register here for OPLS 2019
  • Register here for OSM 2019

Official sponsors

We are officially sponsored by Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science (SIPS). SIPS is the main international organisation for open science in psychology. SIPS is organising an annual conference since 2016; the next will be held in Rotterdam, Netherlands, 7-9 July, 2019.

The 1st Psychology & Law Open Science Conference is generously hosted by Institute for Globally Distributed Open Research and Education (IGDORE). IGDORE was founded in 2016 by an early career researcher in Psychology & Law (Dr. Rebecca Willén; specialised in investigative interviewing and deception detection). IGDORE’s not-for-profit Bali facility will constitute the main conference venue. We use IGDORE’s facility for free, which allow us to keep the registration fees at a minimum. The venue is also a coworking space for researchers and students, with a small library and podcast corner aiming specifically at providing guidance for researchers and students in getting started with open scientific practices.

Organising Committee & Volunteers

The conference is organised by Dr. Rebecca Willén (IGDORE), Dr. Jennifer Beaudry (Swinburne University of Technology, Australia), and Dr. Jan Antfolk (Åbo Akademi, Finland).

Thomas Nyman (PhD Student; Åbo Akademi, Finland) is generously helping out with core tasks.