Abstract submission is now closed.

To submit an abstract, please complete the form below. Announcement of acceptance will be made as soon as possible after the submission deadline (Nov 30), and no later than Dec, 10, 2018.

All submitted abstracts will be peer reviewed.

We accept four types of abstracts (see descriptions below):

  • Empirical papers
  • Empirical study proposals
  • Open data
  • Open materials

In addition, we will have Lightning Talk sessions, to which attendees sign up to give a very brief presentation (strictly no more than 5 minutes!) on any topic. Information on how to sign up will be announced during December 2018 or January 2019.

Empirical papers
We accept abstracts for empirical papers of any of the following types: preliminary results; submitted or published; preregistrations; Registered Reports (RR).

Empirical study proposals
We accept abstracts describing methods for planned studies. The purpose is to provide opportunity for qualified feedback and review before data collection has started; while the methods can still be adjusted.

Open data
We accept abstracts describing publicly shared data sets.

Open materials
We accept abstracts describing publicly shared research materials, such as questionnaires, coding schemes, instructions, and stimuli.

Abstract Submission Form