Staying longer

The main expense when travelling to Bali is typically the flight tickets. Accommodation and living expenses are low. For example, you can rent a private two bedroom house with garden for as little as 530 USD per month, or a more luxury private villa with pool for 1350 USD per month. Many conference participants will therefore choose to stay a bit longer, maybe renting out their own apartment while being away, and many will also bring their families along.

Want to find a house or villa to rent? They are often also available for shorter periods, such as a few weeks. The best place to find a house or villa in the Ubud area is to search for suitable properties in one of the Facebook groups, e.g. Ubud Rentals. Please note that most listed prices are negotiable, unless explicitly stated otherwise (e.g. “fixed price”).

IGDORE’s not-for-profit coworking space for scientists and students is available for free during 11-17 February, 2019, to participants registered for the conference. There are also three other coworking spaces in Ubud: Hubud, Outpost, and Passion Lab.